Christine + Fraser


When my then-fiancé, Fraser, and I initially called Shannon one year ago, I am certain we presented a challenge for her. Fraser and I live in the United Kingdom, and we were planning a wedding in Dubuque, Iowa from our home across the pond. Furthermore, with the exception of my brother, we didn't really have any family in the Dubuque area to help with planning. We were looking to have our wedding in Des Moines, nearer to my family, but we actually chose Dubuque, in part, because of Shannon.

Even though Fraser and I live in the United Kingdom, she was extremely flexible and worked around our schedule. This meant FaceTime phone calls in the middle of the day (nighttime for us), loads of emails, and iMessages. She travelled 1.5 hours in the middle of winter to have a meeting with us at Christmas, while we were visiting my family. She also ensured that she spent time with us when we visited Dubuque *the ONE time* before our wedding!

Shannon found phenomenal vendors. We can't say enough good things about the people she recommended! We had the most beautiful flowers, the best band, and an excellent officiant - all from her recommendations. We were receiving compliments all throughout our wedding day. Our wedding just wouldn't have been as nice without the vendors she found, and I don't think we would have found them without her.

Shannon kept us on track throughout the planning process. She was always positive, even though I know we must have been frustrating at times, and on the day of our wedding, she really impressed us. Everything about our wedding ran smoothly (to perfection!), and I have to give Shannon the credit for that. She ensured that everything got done, that everyone was where they should be at the right times, and she was prepared for any emergency that might happen.

I think we would have really struggled to plan our wedding without Shannon, and we are extremely grateful to her for helping us create the best day of our lives!

Jessica + Steve


 When I decided on having my wedding in Galena while living in Chicago I knew I was going to need some help. After speaking with a few wedding planners I decided I wanted to work with Shannon and I am SO glad we did! When we met with Shannon for the first time she greeted us with a big smile and hugs, it was like we had known Shannon forever! Shannon helped keep us on track by frequently checking in and sending reminders. Shannon also put us in contact with vendors that she had worked with before and made trips to those vendors when we were unable to. She helped with decor ideas when my creative juices ran out. Shannon solved one of our biggest dilemmas- the men's tuxes, not only did she make arrangements to get suits to all our out of town bridal party, she was able to solve our dilemma of how to fuse grey suits with gold accents to match my bridesmaids dresses, she is seriously a miracle worker! I was so stressed packing up everything I needed to bring to the wedding - favors, decor, etc. The moment I handed them off to Shannon a weight lifted off my shoulder and I was able to enjoy the days leading up to our wedding. Shannon provided advice on questions I didn't even know I had and was able to come up with solutions for my less than conventional family to make sure everyone was included. The day of our wedding Shannon was in communication with our photographers and other vendors so I didn't have to worry about a thing, she organized the bridal party and our guests at the start of the ceremony and was there to provide emotional support as I had a mini panic attack before walking down the aisle! At the end of the night, I again had nothing to worry about as Shannon packed up all our decor and worked with the vendors to collect their equipment. Sunday morning when we met with Shannon to pick up our boxes of stuff, I was sad that we would no longer be working closely with Shannon, but knew that the next time we were in town we'd meet with her but this time as friends! 

Mallory + Austin

Shannon was great from the very beginning. For the majority of our planning, I was living in North Liberty. She was so great to reach out to all vendors and send me pictures when necessary. She is incredibly organized, which comes in handy the few weeks before the actual event! I would call her my wedding guardian angel! She went above and beyond on everything we asked for. She had my vision come to life and knew exactly what I wanted from the beginning. Thank you so much, Shannon! You were amazing and I will suggest you to any couple because you saved my life probably 4762374826 times. 

Sam + Jake


Shannon from Red Heels was an absolute DREAM to work with. She was so attentive to everything- I would HIGHLY recommend her! I had a relatively short engagement (about 9 months) and I don't know how I would have done it without her. She began by suggesting, helping book, and negotiating with vendors. Her recommendations were all very reliable and amazing to work with! Having her by my side while meeting with vendors was beyond helpful. She always asked all of the right questions and had my best interest at heart. Being a procrastinator, Shannon did an AMAZING job of keeping me on task of what I needed to do week-to-week. She constantly was checking in with me week to week, offering suggestions and offering her assistance. The days leading up to the BIG DAY, we were in CONSTANT communication! She helped me with the majority of the "list minute tasks" that I honestly wouldn't have even thought of if she wasn't there to keep me on track. Finally, the day of. ABSOLUTE GOD SENT. Not only did she help keep the day flowing (giving all the wedding party where they need to be and when), she helped to make it absolutely flawless. There was an issue with one of our vendors, and I didn't even know about it. Shannon completely took care of it without a blink of an eye. Overall, Shannon became my saving grace throughout my ENTIRE wedding planning process. I literally cannot say enough amazing things about her and all she did to help me prepare for my wedding. She truly goes above and beyond. I could honestly tell that she TRULY loves her job and would do anything to put my mind at ease. She 100% advocates for her brides in everything she does. Once again, I cannot say enough amazing things about her and her company!!!!